Life and death and living

Wow, thought I would start with an interesting title to my first blog post.

Living your life is so important, and I mean living not just existing, so doing things, making friends, making mistakes, making the right decisions, making wrong decisions. Always trying to do the right thing, is important, as you will regret it otherwise, trust me on that one.

Also, doing stuff is important, for yourself, for other people, just make sure you are always striving to get things done. Even simple projects at home. They sometimes make all the difference and if you can affect your home life in a positive way, then all the better. Well, it is what I have learnt, in my 5 score years and 5…

Home projects, like repainting some walls, upgrading and glazing some windows, or simple jobs, painting furniture, changing furniture, upgrading bathrooms, you know what I mean…



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