Glazing repairs

Hello, just thought I would let you know, I had a really good experience with a local glass repair firm, now you might think this isn’t anything to blog about but when, you are standing in your conservatory, with the wind blowing and the rain pouring down, your head is in a different place. I had branches of a big tree, crashing down on my conservatory window and eventually 2 panes of glass shattered.

I was at my wits end with water pouring in and the storm still raging outside, I managed to get hold of a 24 hour glazing firm, based locally. He cam round promptly and assessed the situation. The storm started to subside and my brother showed up as well as I had give him a call to tell him about the overhanging tree. He got a saw and a ladder from a shed and cut down the over hanging branches.

The glazier was amazing, he went away and came back with 2 double glazed sealed units and fitted them on the same day. Crisis over, result was amazing.

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