Starting a new job at 50

Starting a new job at the grand old age of 50, wow this could be interesting having worked all my life and now having to find a new job and a new career actually is going to be very interesting. Unfortunately or fortunately I was made redundant from my now previous occupation, which was quite a shock at the time but maybe a blessing in disguise.

I now have a chance to make a new life and new career and basically I knew everything with my new job. It was quite a shock when I was made redundant, having been at the company for over 30 years. The whole process and the whole thing makes you feel a little worthless, and useless and makes you consider all you’ve done for the company over a period of time, makes you consider it in a different light.

It basically makes you think what is it worth it, I put in 30 years of my life for this company and I get rid of me. Even though sometimes when this happens the company get rid of you for a good reason maybe you’ve done your thing. You are now surplus to requirements which is horrible to hear that is basically what it is.

So the best idea is to get over it, because you have no option really if you need to work and I do they just need to get over the issue and the situation move on, and get a new job. Usually in this situation when you’re made redundant, there is a financial incentive for you to leave the company. Which is cool because it gives you a start, and some money to put behind you to help you over the period from when you left your job to getting a new job.

It is also, well can be also a good start in your life I restart basically, something if you grasp with both hands in a positive way could be fantastic for you and life changing. Actually it is like changing because they have just change your life, but if you do it and handed it in a positive way and take it forwards it will be life changing for a good reason not a bad reason.

So embrace the change, get over yourself, get over the issue, get over the situation and make a new life for yourself, and you career they can do something different in, something exciting, something sexy maybe :-).

I know it’s easier said than done but right now you have no option actually it’s me I am talking about and I have no option.




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