Emma’s world

Here are some thoughts I went to visit a friend yesterday as she was very cross with me. When I arrived she was pleasant and welcoming but she soon found and opening to be very angry with me. I was very taken aback but at the same time I was apologetic to her understanding of the situation. The question I ask myself now is do I want to remain in a friendship that is so tenuous. I will be questioning all I say and do in the future. 

Things are still fresh in my mind but at the moment I feel as if I can’t cope with any hassle. That means for me I do nothing and life will go on just as it had before. I feel very sorry about all this as she was a really good friend and did lots for me but I don’t understand where all this anger comes from.

Unfortunately these events don’t usually change your life and things go on this as I did before. I will cope with things and life will go on without her. The things she said have made me look at myself and see where I fell short and what changes I can make in the future. Being the person I am I take everything personally but I am trying to stand back from the situation and detach myself from It.

I always think it is a shame when people fall out especially when it’s not of your wanting. I will try in the future to be a better friend to people. Perhaps she was justified in what she said but the time and place wasn’t right for me. Having slept on it I feel I don’t want to have this hanging behind me and it clouding any future friendship. I’m very grateful for all she has done for me but at the same time I don’t feel as if I don’t want to have a friendship that is so volatile.