My five favourite pets

Pets are some of the greatest things in life that one can have. One can have all types of pets from dogs all the way to cats, rats, snakes, raccoons, etc. Yet, irrespective of what type of pets i have, I always make sure that i love them and take good care of them. There are many places that do not treat their animals the correct way. I always make sure that my animals have a couple things so that they can live a good life. Those two things are leadership and affection. if you provide your pet with these two things then your pet will absolutely love you for it.

Pets really only live in the moment and they will gladly forget the past if they are treated right in the present. That is why there are animals that have been abused and can then to through rehab to the point of being adopted to a family that will love them. Pets can be a source of great joy to everyone and most people want to have a pet. Regarding the choice of pet’s people’s taste vary from each other. I prefer my pets to be very cute and cool while some others may opt for an elephant. Again there are some people who even like to have a snake as a pet. But there are also certain people who though, wish to have a pet in their homes, but do not have enough time or resources to look after a pet.

Below is a list of my five favourite pets:

Goldfish – This is actually my first pet and goldfishes can be an unending source of joy to its owner. They are affectionate and it is very easy to fall in love with these splendid creatures of nature. A goldfish was a perfect pet for me as i had no prior experience of owning a pet. They are very easy to take care of and do not require any extra care. Only once a week cleaning of their bowl and regular feeding is enough. It really brightened my home with joy and colour. Caring for a goldfish is also a very easy and hassle free task compared to other pets. Here i do not require training the pet, do not need to go for a walk with the pet, no bathing, in fact, no extra work actually.  I just ensure that the bowel is clean enough and also need to offer food regularly. This much will be enough to have a very beautiful goldfish as a pet. Gradually I started feeling a bond growing between the two of us and watching a goldfish playing before your eyes can be relaxing a real source of joy.

Cat– There are many perks of owning a cat or kitten. First of all, they are just so darn adorable. They do the most amazing and funny things when you least expect it. They are very lovable and can really reduce the stress you have in your daily life. Just a few quality moments of sitting down and petting your cat can reduce your heart rate and provide you with hours of contentment. Cats really bond with their owners. I have a cat that when I come home she runs to the front door, just like a dog does, to greet me! There are many kitty toys which she plays with. Also, there is a huge array of cat furniture. There are litter box covers that will hide the litter box. They look just like a nice coffee table. Then there is the amazing cat condo. Some of these are over 5 feet tall and provide endless hours of entertainment for both myself and my furry friend.

Hamster – These are brilliant pets to have, especially since they’re pretty easy to maintain. You won’t even need to commit to them on a lifetime basis, since they don’t have a very long lifespan. With these pets, I actually learnt how important it is to clean, exercise and look after someone or something. They’re pretty affordable as well, and wouldn’t require so much money on equipment and supplies.I wanted a hamster because of the ease of caring for them. Hamsters are rodents that are stout-bodied with a tail that is shorter than their bodies. To add to why the hamsters are seen as being the right choice for most people looking for pets is the breezy features that they have in terms of their small furry ears with short stocky legs and the wide feet. Apart from these bodily features, there are also other factors that make a hamster a good pet. One reason is that they are cheap to feed. Unlike other big pets, this home pet can be fed using a very small amount of cash. By buying the hamster a small bag of food pellets one can comfortably be able to feed it for a whole month without having to spend again.

Rabbits – Seeing as they are lovably fluffy creatures, they make for an ideal choice as pets for me. Having household rabbit is pretty much akin to having a cat around in the premises, and this makes them a nice addition to your household. They prove to be excellent for people who wish to have furry pets. First of all rabbits are very small in size and therefore they don’t require a lot of space for their upkeep. Because of their size, i find them convenient to be around as they are not intimidating. Another good thing about rabbits is their appearance. They are very adorable and cute as pets. This makes them very likeable too. Rabbits also require low maintenance once taken home. They feed on dried foods, vegetables and grass hay which is very easy to buy and readily available. They are also very immune to many different diseases and require little or no vaccinations.Rabbits have a long life span compared with other animals of similar size. Some of them could live for as long as 10 years when they are properly taken care of. They also don’t require a lot of attention as they are very independent and can do a lot of things on their own just like cats

Dogs – These are the most popular pets, although it requires a whole lot of effort on me to look after them. Considered to be man’s best friends, these canines are extremely loyal and affectionate, making them fit for being extra additions to the household. They require regular walking and exercise. A dog is considered to be one of the most loyal animals and it is no wonder that i prefer dogs for pets. If you asked most people what their favourite animal is, there would be no points for guessing, as 90% of them would unanimously say it’s a dog. I prefer dogs over other animals for pets because they are dependable, loyal, strong and fun companions. Having dogs as pets can play a vital role in the many activities of one’s life like walking, trekking and even hunting. My dog is my best friend. Since dogs have amazing sniffing ability, they can make great guards too.