Mirror’s are an amazing feature inside or outside and can add so much to your home. Have a look at these below, 3 of them are bathroom mirrors from a glazier or DIY store and the other one is a garden set of mirrors. They all look stunning in their own way, especially the bathroom mirrors, they do look spectacular.

And this is an easy thing to do, a very easy thing to do, that does not necessarily need to involve yourself. If you have the budget, you can go to a local glazier, who will come round, measure up and install your beautiful mirrors, to give you a stunning mirror’d wall. Which not only adds beauty to your bathroom, it adds space, light, airiness, roominess and you can look at yourself for so much longer now… and from far more angles.

mirrors 4 mirrors 3 mirrors 1mirrors 2


You must agree, they do look gorgeous, glass mirrors add more than just a reflection, they are indeed a thing of beauty. We would recommend as we mentioned above, a trip to your local glazier, who are normally very good. Well our glazier is great, so much so, here is his web address; www.haveringglass247.co.uk , Havering Glass 24/7.

Life and death and living

Wow, thought I would start with an interesting title to my first blog post.

Living your life is so important, and I mean living not just existing, so doing things, making friends, making mistakes, making the right decisions, making wrong decisions. Always trying to do the right thing, is important, as you will regret it otherwise, trust me on that one.

Also, doing stuff is important, for yourself, for other people, just make sure you are always striving to get things done. Even simple projects at home. They sometimes make all the difference and if you can affect your home life in a positive way, then all the better. Well, it is what I have learnt, in my 5 score years and 5…

Home projects, like repainting some walls, upgrading and glazing some windows, or simple jobs, painting furniture, changing furniture, upgrading bathrooms, you know what I mean…